Buying SCUBA gear For Diving

  • Hi,

    I am just about done with my open water certification through PADI and am looking into purchasing some gear of my own in the next few months. I will be staying on Guam for the next year, and possibly 2. I intend to do a decent amount of diving. Even if I do not I would like to learn how to tell if the gear I am looking at is any good or if I should leave it. Is there any specific gear that should be purchased new, or would it be a relatively safe thing to purchase it on craigslist or through a garage sale. I am also wondering if anyone knows of good websites that I could purchase it from for less than a local retailer would sell it for, or if I should just buy it local.These are just a few questions that I have in regards to possibly purchasing gear for myself.

    Please help.

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