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    JJ - I need reliability, simplicity, ease of travel, and an operator who is likely to be around for a number of years. Hence it was between the JJ and Inspo, but theJJ won due to the fact i can pack it into hand lugguage.

    Sf2 - nice unit, but, i havent seen it up close yet.

    Agreed about everyone going breather. Its rare to hear of an OC Trimix dive these days..

    And yep, will call you. Understand about the fill station, theres a good local dive club to me where i can get as many fills (Air and 02) as i want for 60€ a year.. So, why go to a dive shop and pay 8€ a tank!?


    Hi Michael,

    Yep, that lake is sepid,, totally sepid with two shades of nothing to see there. Which reminds me, we sill havent met up after 4 years living here :-)

    That aside, I was undertaking CCR training, hence was why the stage was there. It was placed there in between dives, and then when i came back to collect it, it had walked of along with my fins and mask!!!!

    Hence to say i am p'ssed is a bit of an understatement.


    Leuter / Everyone

    An 05-03-15 wir habe die erste Englisch spreche Taucher Stammtisch im Frankfurt :-)

    On the 05-03-15 we have the first English speakers scuba divers get together in Frankfurt :-)


    Date & Time / Datum und Zeit: 19:00, 26.2.15
    Location / Ort: La Stala Restaurant
    Address / Addresse: Waldstraße 1, 60528 Frankfurt, Deutschland

    Alles ist welcome, aber bitte senden Sie mir eine E-Mail zur Bestätigung.

    Everyone is welcome, but please send to me an email of registration.

    Herr Richardson / Neil Richardson


    I'll answer this as a foreigner here in Deutschland.

    CMAS *- OWD - Rec 1,2,3 - OD - Whatever.... they are all basic Scuba courses. They teach you nothing more then the basics, but some shops / agencies add value by various different measures ie longer courses, harder courses, including nitrox etc.

    HOWEVER, added value at this stage is pointless if it doesnt just get you diving. When you are starting, experience and being comfortable in water is the most important thing you can get under your belt, after that you can start to think about which way you wish to go with your diving (or if not) and likewise if you wish to get additional training from another agency or not...

    On that, when you progress past the first level, things start opening up a LOT.

    For instance, CMAS 2* - GUE Fundies - PADI AOW are all equivalent to each other, and all meet the same EUF standard:

    BUT the courses diverge MASSIVELY where ever you are in the world. CMAS standards change, as each nation has its own opinion on how to interpret standards and what is important in its area, Commercial agencies fluctuate due to what can be "sold" on a course, and semi commercial like GUE, fluctuate as there is no fixed instructor manual, just general guidelines as to what should be taught.

    Hence, best recommendation i can give at this moment in time is: get your first certificate, then forget progressing any further with normal dive gear, and get yourself a semi closed rebreather such as the Hollis explorer. Open circuit is dying out, so why waste money on pointless courses!? just go for what is coming next, now....

    ha ha. danke Nitro,,

    und nur fur zwei und halbe jahr ich habe gewohnst im Deutschland ;-) aber, wenn ich war in Kiel, ich gehadt wenig chanze zum ubung mein deutsch mit mein kollegen. So nur jetzt am die Baustellle in Ludwigshafen, wo halbt meing kollegen und subunternehmer kommst von Ausland, kann ich spreche Deutshe mit kleines angst ;-)

    ps fur wann ich vielleicht nachste komme zum Schleswig... gut Frag... original ich geplant zum kommen in May, aber, In December ich gemacht die enscheidung zum sitz die 4* Lehrer Brevit im August... so jetzt bis August, allles mein frei wochenende ich muss ubung oder tauchen lehrer ubung Ausland :-)

    pps alles dieser Absatz wurde auf einem Australian Rechner mit kein google translate geschrieben

    Okay, erst mal ich muss schrieben mein fragen im English:

    1. I have been informed that i should be diving in Germany with an annual medical certificate. Can anyone point me to which law / regulation this comes from? and indeed what the facts of this are?

    2. Can anyone point me to the VDST insurance certificate? as i am also informed by VDST that it is mandatory to have a medical certificate to be covered by their insurance. Yet i question this, as other agencies / insurance policies i have throughout the world for scuba diving, do not require a medical certificate.

    3. With regards teaching in Germany, i teach under CMAS and i am covered by another agencies worldwide insurance policy when i teach that agency. However, is there specific regulations / standars in Germany for scuba diving? I note that in other countries there are only regulations if you are teaching commercially and are teaching 1 star. But above 1 star, their are no standards / regulations, only guidelines. Hence why i ask in regards to Germany.

    Now google translated:

    1. Ich wurde darüber informiert, dass ich sollte tauchen in Deutschland mit einer jährlichen ärztlichen Bescheinigung. Kann jemand mich auf die Recht / Regulierung dieser kommt? und in der Tat, was die Fakten dafür sind?

    2. Kann jemand mich auf den VDST Versicherungsschein? Da ich auch von VDST informiert, dass es zwingend erforderlich, um eine ärztliche Bescheinigung, die von ihrer Versicherung abgedeckt werden müssen. Doch ich diese Frage stellen, wie andere Agenturen / Versicherungen, ich habe in der ganzen Welt zum Tauchen, nicht eine ärztliche Bescheinigung verlangen.

    3. Hinsichtlich der Unterricht in Deutschland, lehren i unter CMAS und ich bin von einem anderen Agenturen weltweit Versicherung abgedeckt, wenn ich lehren, dass Agentur. Allerdings gibt es bestimmte Vorschriften / standars in Deutschland zum Tauchen? Ich stelle fest, dass in anderen Ländern gibt es nur Vorschriften, wenn Sie im Handel lehrt und lehren 1 Stern. Aber vor 1 Stern, ihr keine Standards / Vorschriften, nur Richtlinien. Daher frage ich, warum in Bezug auf Deutschland.